Are you a bride or groom?

You’ve made it to the right place!! We believe every single bride deserves to go wild over not only her wedding photos or video but the entire photographic process! Beautiful, genuine images stem from an amazing experience and that’s exactly what we create for our sweet Malaika couples! If you love joyful, timeless wedding photos, we have a treat for you!

What is wedding video and photography Consultation?

Before you book with us for a wedding photographer or cinematographer, you should plan on having a wedding consultation. This consultation meeting is very valuable.

The purpose of the photography consultation

1. You will spend a lot of time with our photographers and videographers on your wedding day. You want someone who feels like a friend, someone you feel comfortable laughing or crying in front of, someone with whom you will share very intimate moments of your wedding day. 2. To share your vision of your wedding day, discuss the budgets and share any concerns such as Packages, payment plans, contracts, etc

Ask Questions

Take advantage of this time to ask your questions and be sure you’re comfortable with our photography and video team.

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Are you interested to work with us? Get in touch

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Are you interested to work with us? Get in touch

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